Nuno Martins Nuno is a polymath, a researcher and entrepreneur. Biography About Publications Nuno's published papers involve several fields of research. Scientific Papers Publications Talks & Events Nuno has several expertise topics. Expertise Topics Talks & Events
Nuno is a polymath, a researcher, an entrepreneur, a public speaker, and a life and health extension advocate. As a polymath, Nuno usually likes to make use of different subject areas, drawing ideas and concepts from different bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.
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Nuno’s published papers involve several fields of research, including: neuroscience, computer science, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, nanorobotics, and others. Several previous education experiences have supported and nurtured Nuno’s polymath approach to problems.


In business, Nuno created his own company to fund his education. Along the way, several academic awards and grants contributed to his necessary funding strategy. Nuno has created companies that operate in different business sectors, including: business consulting, education, information technologies, and others.

Talks & Events

Nuno has worked in different fields and has expertise in different topics, including: nanotechnology, neuroscience, supercomputing, entrepreneurship, Futurism, motivation an life-management, education, mathematics, sports and healthy life, and others…

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