Nuno Martins, Ph.D.



Dr. Martins is a polymath, a researcher, an entrepreneur, a public speaker, and a life and health extension advocate. As a polymath, Dr. Martins usually likes to make use of different subject areas, drawing ideas and concepts from different bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. As an illustrative example, some of his published papers involve several fields of research, including: neuroscience, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, nanorobotics, computer science, and others. Several educational experiences have supported and nurtured Dr. Martins’s polymath approach to problems.


As a researcher, Dr. Martins is interested in technological developments with potential to solve humanity’s most challenging problems in healthcare, education, work, humanity’s existential risks, among others. Dr. Martins is currently focused on developing technologies which will hopefully have a significant impact on human healthy life extension. Dr. Martins’ research work was featured in the world’s media, including: Fox News Channel, New York Post, The SUN, Daily Mail, Irish Times, Science Daily, The Times of India, National Geography Poland, among other worldwide media. Dr. Martins is currently an affiliated researcher at CREA at the University of California Berkeley, in the United States. Between 2016 and 2019, Dr. Martins was an affiliated researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, LBNL, in the United States. One of Dr. Martins’ published papers, “Human Brain Cloud Interface” is on the TOP 10 most viewed papers ever on Frontiers of neuroscience. Being on the TOP 10 is a serious recognition from the scientific community of the importance of the paper, especially because Frontiers of Neuroscience has more than 8,600 (eight thousand and six hundred) published research papers and is currently the world’s most cited journal in the field of neuroscience, ahead of the prestigious journal “Nature” and the journal “Neuron”. Dr. Martins’ scientific work has involved collaborations with worldwide universities, including the University of California San Diego, University of Miami, Duke University, Moscow State Medical University, Purdue University, Monash University, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, among others.


In business, Dr. Martins created his own company to fund his education. Along the way, several academic awards and grants contributed to his necessary funding strategy. Dr. Martins is a board member of the board of directors of several organisations and companies. One of those organisations has contributed with more than 100 million in funding for scientific research during the last decades. Dr. Martins also assumes the responsibility of several financial fiduciary roles for high net worth individuals and organizations.

Healthy Life Extensionist

On healthy life-extension related topics, Dr. Martins is a board member of the board of directors of life extension related organisations and companies. Early in his life, motivated to take control of his own health Dr. Martins decided to make several courses related to healthcare, body training and nutrition.

Public Speaker

As a public speaker, Dr. Martins has participated in several international major conferences attended my thousands of participants. In those international conferences Dr. Martins shared the stage with several celebrities, such as: Raymond Yang, co-founder & managing partner of WestSummit Capital, Jack McCauley, co-founder, Oculus VR, Jun Wu, founding partner of Amino Capital, Steve Westly Managing Partner of Westly Group, Xiang Qian, Medical Director of Stanford Health Care, Noel Lee, Founder and CEO of head monster products Inc, the visionary billionaire Peter Nygard, the inspiring Suzanne Somers, the world famous futurist Ray Kurzweil, and Artificial Intelligence pioneer Ben Goertzel, among many other celebrities…