Nuno R. B. Martins, PhD

Robotics Will Change The World Soon

Robots, among many other benefits, will allow us to eliminate the currently dangerous jobs that humans still have to perform, and will allow us to replace humans on most of today’s repetitive tasks that are risky for our long-term health. Robotics advances are making this future a reality sooner than most expect. The video shows […]

California Cities Now Have Driverless Rides

The California Department of Motor Vehicles permitted General Motors and Google Companies to operate autonomous vehicles in some cities of California. The companies are charging fees and receiving compensation for autonomous services offered to the public. The vehicles are fully driverless and are now authorized to operate within parts of San Francisco between 10 p.m and […]

Flying cars by 2024?

A chinese electric vehicle maker Xpeng Inc, aims to  deliver flying cars to customers in 2024, in collaboration with start-up “Xpeng Heitech”. The start-up is being founded by Xpeng Inc.  The electric flying car will be able to drive more than 600 kilometres with a single charge but it is still not clear how far it […]

Mercedes wearable brain-computer interface for autonomous cars

Mercedes-Benz autonomous concept car, known as the “Vision AVTR”, will connect with a brain-computer interface system that will allow passengers to control the digital dashboard, change the radio station, open a window, answer a phone call, the interact with the car’s artificial intelligence systems, and send the car on a predetermined route. A future where […]

Autonomous Robots to Mine Space Resources

As scientists begin to think more seriously about building bases on celestial bodies, such as the moon, the idea of  space mining is becoming more and more popular. Considering that the distance between earth and the moon is approximately 385 thousand kilometres, and considering that gravity needs to be overcome to get there, it is a very attractive idea to use the existing resources on the moon for constructing future moon buildings. The same applies to all other planets humanity reaches in future space exploration. Learn […]