Nuno R. B. Martins, PhD

Amazon plans to bring cashierless technology to Whole Foods

Amazon plans to bring cashierless technology to Whole Foods starting next year. The system is called Just Walk Out and allows shoppers to shop in-store without going through traditional checkout counters. Instead, technology relies on cameras, artificial intelligence algorithms and mobile apps to track and record what consumers buy off the shelf. All items will […]

Tesla will Close Retail Stores and Sell Cars Online

Tesla announced that it will close all retail sales, to fulfil the goal of bringing its Model 3 to market at a $35,000 price point. Tesla’s plan is to use an online-only sales model hoping to reduce cost in 6 percent, and passing it to customers. A reason for such dramatic move might be the […]

New Aero Tire Is Built for Flying Cars

Goodyear’s new concept, named “Aero tire” was designed to run on roads and double as a propulsion system for flying vehicles. The Aero tie has a non-pneumatic structure and will incorporate flexible new materials capable of both absorbing road shock and weathering stress during the car’s transition from horizontal to airborne. The Aero’s propellor blades […]

HIV Cured In a Second Patient

After 12 years, for the second time, an HIV-positive patient has entered long-term remission. The cure was discovered by chance in a eureka moment for modern medicine. The goal was to treat cancer in HIV+ patients. Patients were then administered with bone marrow transplants from donors with mutations in cell surface protein CCR5, and astonishingly […]

SpaceX Crew Dragon Successful Test Flight to the International Space Station

SpaceX became the first company to design, build, test, launch, and dock a spacecraft (Crew Demo-1) made to fly people to the International Space Station. SpaceX is now scheduled to launch Crew Demo-2, the first manned orbital spaceflight to launch from American soil since the space shuttle last launched in 2011. Crew Demo-1 demonstrates the impact […]