Nuno R. B. Martins, PhD

Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine and Medical Nanorobotics

Dr. Martins published papers include a nanosensor theoretical design for in vivo monitoring of human brain action potentials. In a different paper Dr. Martins presented the mission design for nanomedical robots, called neuronanorobots, a new proposed technology for preserving human brain information. Such technology might, for example, help prevent the existential risks associated with AGI.

Neuroscience and Brain Imaging Technologies

One of Dr. Martins’s published papers, apart from other conclusions, contains the world’s most precise estimate of the quantity of information processed in a whole human brain, and in all its main subregions, an estimate solidly grounded in experimental electrophysiological data. Such precise information was missing in the worldwide literature and is essential to guide the proper development, and application, of future single-cell repair technologies expected to be the ultimate medical treatment required for: parkinson’s, alzheimer’s, epilepsy, dementia, memory disorders, sensorial disorders, spinal cord and neuromuscular disorders, pain and toxic disorders, traumatic injuries to the brain. The estimate also helps understand the required computational processing and storage capabilities necessary to handle a whole human brain action potential data, permitting to finally properly quantify the communication channel bandwidth required to handle the data, along with the storage and computational requirements necessary to manage the data.

Computing: Supercomputing and the Future Of Computing

Information is probably one of the most fundamental building block of reality. Automated systems are required to collect, organize, store and communicate information. Such systems include computer information system, or, computing systems, or shortly, computers. Computing systems can be of two types: Von Neuman or non Von Neumann computing systems. Von Neumann computers which have been implemented using transistors in a semiconductor integrated circuit have been subject to Moore’s law, driving an exponential growth in price-performance of processing and storage computation capacity occurring approximately every year. This has had, and is expected to continue to have, a tremendously non-intuitive impact in society. , and is expected to continue to have, a tremendously non-intuitive impact in society. To provide an example, supercomputers processing power matched the human brain processing capability (considering only action potential based data processing) sooner than 2013, and personal computing is expected to achieve it by 2020.

Education: The Future of Education

Dr. Martins has a degree in mathematical education and has extensively studied education since his first years in college. He has always been fascinated by the gap between education theories and education reality. Dr. Martins’s was a five consecutive year awarded student. Having received a prize from the national portuguese government when he completed his university studies. While still a university student Dr. Martins was an invited teaching assistant for different classes. Dr. Martins was also a part-time math tutor for several years, and following on that personal tutoring success he has built a business on education in his native country. These experiences have provided the background and experience for Dr. Martins’s special interest for education theories and practices.

Entrepreneurship, Startups and Business

Dr. Martins has started his business experiences by creating his own company to fund his education. Along the way, several academic awards and grants contributed to his necessary funding strategy. The growth of his original company permitted him to create a group embracing a set of different companies that operate in a large spectrum of business sectors, including: business consulting, education, information technologies, healthcare services, and others. Dr. Martins is a passionated entrepreneur.

Futurism: Future Studies

The Future is uncertain… but also built by individual and collective efforts… This (somehow) dicotomy is fascinating, and has always persuaded Dr. Martins’s interest. Dr. Martins’s work involves the creating of new innovative technologies, which requires a strong understanding of different fields and the capability to (somehow) predict (and also create) the future. As a polymath, a researcher and an entrepreneur, Dr. Martins has soon realised the importance and absolute necessity of trying to predit the short-term, mid-term and long-term future, in different fields and arenas.

Motivation, Happiness, Life Management, Wellness and Self-Improvement

Motivation might be measured as a function of the desire to do a particular task or achieve a certain goal. Different levels of motivation, totally change the outcome of an experience, influencing the success, belief, wellbeing and sense of happines. It’s absolutely amazing how these variables are highly interrelated and ultimately dictate our sense of wellness and happiness. Proper life management, for exemple, requires a serious understanding of the pivotal power and interrelation of these states of mind. As a neuroscientist Dr. Martins has soon realised the importance of understand our brains, to optimize our success in life, research and in business.


Dr. Martins has a degree in mathematics. Dr. Martins was an awarded student in every single one of his 5 years of study, having received a prize from the national portuguese government when he completed his university studies. While still a university student Dr. Martins was an invited teaching assistant on calculus and discrete mathematics / mathematical logic. Dr. Martins was also a part-time math tutor for several years, having had very high success percentage rates, which empowered building a successful business on education. Dr. Martins has worked on Cardinal theory on his final degree work having received a maximum grade of 20/20 for the required final University paperwork. Dr. Martins is extremely passionated about mathematics, which he believes might be the fundamental building block of reality and the universe.

Sports and Healthy Life Style

Dr. Martins has several courses related to life and health care, for example, he is a swimming teacher, a professional tennis teacher, a body-building, power-lifting and aero-fitness teacher, and he completed courses in nutrition and sleep optimization.

Dr. Martins is an avid sports-person. He likes to lead by example. He regularly swims, practices body-building, practices dance, among other sports. He has competed in different sports, such as martial arts, soccer, handball, basketball, gymnastics, and tennis.

Dr. Martins wrote the book “Are you sure you are healthy” were he provided a system methodical control of personal health according to the best medical practices.