Nuno R. B. Martins, PhD

Highest Goals / Persistence

• Always shoot for the starts;
• If you fail… try again. Get used to failure. Fail quick and learn from it;
• Don’t find excuses. Find solutions;
• Persistence is fundamental;
• Accept multiple projects.


• Do it today. There is no time to wait. Learn by doing. Do it now;
• Time passes astonishingly fast. Our most important goals may be unrealised.

Hear no-one

• Let no one tell you “you can’t do it”. Ignore opinions… but consider supported arguments;
• Pursue your dreams… especially when everyone says it is impossible.


• People is all that matters;
• Always focus on the people.

Money / Space and Time

• Money helps find a solution (most of the time).
• Remember: the universe has over 100 billion galaxies, each galaxy (in average) has over 100 billion stars, which exist for over 13 billion years.